About Raven’s Games

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A little about me:

I live quietly (more or less) in Denver Colorado with my wife, my cat, and all my bikes. I divide my time between running businesses, gaming, and riding my bicycles everywhere. I started writing games at age 12 with my first Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Much to my youthful surprise it did not replace Dungeons and Dragons. Nevertheless, I have continued writing and enjoying the process of game design and development ever since.

A little about Raven’s Games:

http://www.ravnsgames.com allows you to download my game designs for free. Why? I hear you say.  There is plenty of ‘Click to Buy’ download companies, but how often have you BOUGHT and just left the game sitting in your download folder? I want my games to get played, and I’m not under the illusion that I’m going to make a million dollars with each gem. So, instead I figure I will offer my designs gratis, if you choose to request a download you’re probably interested in the subject and game system. Odds are you’ll play it, and that is after all, what I’m after: YOU PLAYING my games.

A little about The Newspaper:

Once a week the newspaper comes out with new articles.   The Newspaper’s main focus is offering articles on Raven’s Games releases, answers to game play, rule or component questions and comments, as well as any other Raven’s Games news of note. Your comments are always welcomed, reviewed and published. I also offer news on conventions, game clubs, new gaming supplies, and much more.