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A big question I get asked is how to glue the counters and boards together. And I thought I’d take this opportunity to set out some simple parameters for glueing and making the measuring stick:

Counters first:

1) Print the counters off on glossy paper. The gloss paper makes the counters look professionally printed and easier to read. I like to use my laser printer for this but not everyone has a color laser printer. If you want the pro look go to a printing shop or local photocopy service store and use theirs.

2) To back the counters use good old fashion poster board. Counters are thick but not so stiff as to be un-cutable.

3) Carefully trim out the box of counters leaving no white space around the counters.

4) Use 3M Super Spray Adhesive covering the whole sheet of cut out counters in a fine mist of glue. Too much glue makes it hard to place and press the counters.

5) Carefully place the counters on the poster board making sure there are no folds or creases.

6) Use an Xacto-knife or fine cutting knife to cut out the counters. Cut out rows of counters carefully one at a time. Take each row of counters and cut each individual counter away from the rest.

*7) If a back printing is needed: Cut out the back printed counters into individual pieces. Spray 3M Super Adhesive onto the back of the already glued front counters. Place the backs on one at a time. NOTE: This is time consuming so plan for an hour or two for this job.


Measuring Stick

1) A 1/4″ (0.635 cm) round wooden dowel cut to the proper length.

2) Sand the ends of the dowel so they are smooth with no hard edge.

3) Spray a primer coat, preferably white paint on the dowels, and let dry.

4) Measure the 6″ (15.24 cm) movements and mark these distances with masking tape

5) Paint each distance a separate color.


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