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Theoretical Battle: September 1942 Night 02:23

IJN Forces are trying to exit Iron Bottom Sound after landing supplies to the Japanese garrison on Guadalcanal. A forgotten mine field left behind by Japanese subs is in the path of both the IJN and USN unknown to both fleets. The USN has been given advance knowledge of the Japanese task force but failed to intercept them before they landed their cargo.

Maps: 6

2 Shallow Maps All shallow squares (Yellow) are mined. 1 Mine or Decoy counter in each square.

3 Deep Maps

1 Shore Map

Total Rounds of Play: 6

Place the Shore on the north/east corner of the square. The shallow maps are set below the coast line.  Along the west end of the board are the deep water boards.The IJN enters the board from the North West Board and must exit the Shallow board on the South East Corner. USN forces are placed on any East board including the coastal map and must stop the Japanese player from leaving the map.

theoretical map 1


Imperial Japanese Navy

6 DD

3 CL

2 CA

1 Float Plane 3 Star Shells 10 torpedoes

United States Navy

4 DD

2 CL

2 CA

2 Float Planes 6 Star Shells 8 Torpedoes

For every Japanese ship sunk USN gains 1VP. USN loses 1VP for every USN ship sunk

USN Wins marginal victory with   4 VP

USN Wins moderate victory with  6 VP

USN Wins crushing victory with   8 VP

Notes: There were many encounters as above, the use of mines by either side was sporadic and often lead to more problems than they solved.  In September of 1942 both the IJN and USN were trying to gain advantage around Guadalcanal but didn’t truly understand the other side’s commitment to the battle.  The Japanese constantly underrated the American resolve and committed forces far to small to do the job of driving the USN out of Guadalcanal waters even temporarily. –Enjoy

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