Space verses Water and all that lies inbetween!

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I love ships! I’m more likely to play a fleet of ships then almost anything else. That’s a funny comment from the guy who wrote Warsaw Pact 8-4 and Crusher huh? And yet ships are a passion of mine.

When you first sit down to write a game of ship-to-ship or task force-to-task-force combat the first question you ask “Is this on the water or in space?” Now you might think that is a really weird brain wave, but on a 2D game board there truly is very little difference. Sure you write to two very different realities; is that the right phrase(?); but when you start out, the environment plays only a minor part in your thoughts.  And yet when I settle into writing a game of combat that takes place at sea I feel at home; by the by I live in a land lock state; when I put those ships amongst the stars I’m not only at home but my penchant for space civilizations, technology and warfare kick in like a drug and off I run.

Steam & Steel came out of my attempt to write a space combat game that was based on battleship combat from the age of coal fired ships and somehow ended up being a game of sea combat during World War II in the pacific! So much for planning…Laughing EmojiSteam and Steel has been one of those few projects that ‘just works’ and treats you well.To tell the truth I’m going to miss working on this game as soon as it’s done and offered.

The theatre of operations is a fascinating, it was here in the waters around Guadalcanal that the Japanese lost their superiority in surface and air fighting over the USN. It was also here that the Japanese lost any chance they may have had of a negotiated peace. The allies won, and won big at Guadalcanal, and it was here that the allies realized that total victory over Japan was possible.

Will there be any other titles in the Steam and Steel line? I think so, the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic convoy runs offer wonderful opportunities to explore the Regia Marina and the Kriegsmarine. Well, we’ll see what the future brings together–no?

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