Building the Parts

Okay so you have your copy of Panzer Thrust or Steam and Steel and now it’s time to assemble the parts. But it can be a bit daunting I mean what should you use and what techniques; if any; are useful? So let’s talk about putting all the pieces together.

What do you need?

1) Xacto knife is the most indispensable piece of equipment you can own. I recommend getting blades form Ebay. There are plenty of sellers and 100 packs make a goodly number. Make sure to change out your blades often when cutting. This of course goes without saying, that’s why I am going to say it…BE CAREFUL!

Xacto Knife

2) Box Cutter: The best knife for cardboard there is bar none. Best of all their cheap. Ebay is my personal source and I’ll buy 30 or so at a time. Snap off the blade EVERY TIME you start to cut cardboard.  “Can’t do nothing without a sharp knife”–Julia Child…

Box Cuttera

3) Poster board is cheap and easily bought at any dollar store. I buy my again at Ebay. (Sensing a pattern?) I buy 25 sheets at a time which lasts me about six months or so. Hey! I’ve got a lot of ideas okay? Poster board is best used for counters. It’s not really sturdy enough for map boards that need to be butted together.

Poster Board

4) Cardboard! I LOVE Cardboard I want to thank Mr. C. Board for inventing this stuff!!! Cardboard is free if you just keep your eyes open. One of the best places is the grocers they have cardboard coming out of their ears and love giving it away to any shmuck who wants it, and I’m just the schumck their looking for! Cardboard can be used for counters, but its thick and not that attractive as a counter backing. Not to me anyway. I use cardboard for the backing on maps, and to build buildings for miniatures, plus hills, rivers, canals etc etc etc. A variety of other uses for gaming I have found for this wonderful and recyclable stuff!


5) Finally spray adhesive. Now I have tried them all believe me, if it’s sold in the US, I’ve sprayed it. The only one I recommend is 3m Super 77. It is simply the best stuff. When using make sure to cover everything the spray goes every where. Outside has never worked for me, too many particle that get stuck and won’t let go.

3M Super 77

Okay so now you’ve got your equipment now what? Print out the counters and maps using your home printer, a color laser printer is best but not everyone has one of these. Inkjets will work just fine. I use glossy paper for counters and card stock for the maps. Both are easily obtainable, while not necessarily cheap they make the game look great. Have a printer or office supply place do the printing and get the professional look if you’ve got the loot and trust the place.

Laser Printer

Now cut out the counters (more on this in the next article). Spray the adhesive and glue the counters to the poster board. Spray adhesive takes no drying time so go ahead and start cutting. If the counters are double sided, spray the back of the counter and affix the back side to the counter. Trim any white boarder off the map boards as needed. Use an extra amount of glue with the maps and glue them to the cardboard. Cut out and invite your friends over threatening them with defeat at this great new game you just made.–Enjoy


Raven Games
Raven Games


Thank you a thousand times

Panzer Thrust Logo Bar

The response to Panzer Thrust has been overwhelming since we released it on the 1st. Special thanks to our play testers who have provided terrific insights. Many of their ideas have already be incorporated into the next edition of Panzer Thrust, called Red Charge. ‘What is Red Charge all ’bout?’ I hear you ask….well it will be released soon so stick around!


Raven Games
Raven Games

Diane’s a Pill…Or how I relaxed and learned to love the H-bomb

Okay so making your own games, and NOT having a $60,000.00 web press with employees to build boxes, and more to the point counter trays for you is a real stumbling block. So, when in doubt ask someone if they have any ideas to solve a problem or two. Now, normally I wouldn’t ask my wife much about how to solve gaming problems. You must understand she is not ‘into games’ in the board or role-playing sense.  But here is how she solved one of my big problems…counter trays for all those game counters I use for tiny game.


Use the humble pill case! (or pill organizer to some) And best of all it was a buck at a local dollar store! So in conclusion you need to store counters? Use a pill case. Thanx Luv!!!!

PS This is your first glimpse at Steam & Steel Guadalcanal

Raven Games
Raven Games

I’m Defending–Ahhhhhhhh!!

Panzer Thrust Logo Bar

HQ CounterOkay so the bad news is your defending that precious HQ and the Germans are rolling up just licking their lips. The good news is your the Red Army and your ready…how? Read on:

Panzer Thrust is far more historical than first appears, so use historical defensive techniques. FIRST RULE: ALWAYS HAVE A RESERVE! NEXT: You can’t go far wrong; no matter what your doing; when you have 3 or 4 BP’s of Red Army infantry supporting your gritty defense, more if your opponent is an experienced player. Entrench some but not ALL your infantry and make the Germans come into close combat with you using up their more expensive infantry trying to clear the way. Red Army artillery is your next best friend and 4 to 6 points of tubes will make the battlefield a hideous place to be if your a German tank. Soviet SPA’s are only adequate. Red Army heavy artillery is the real killer so make sure to have at least 1 and more like 2 units and set them at phase lines with defending infantry because the Germans are going to come after them.  Russian armor is used as a quick riposte force able to move into holes and plug them while you await reserve infantry.

Iron CrossHey! What about us?

FIRST RULE: ALWAYS HAVE A RESERVE! NEXT: The Germans are more powerful on an individual unit basis but this is 1942-1943 and the Red Army is catching up. Again infantry is the strong foundation of any defense and with a range of 2 they can exact a terrible toll in Soviet infantry. German infantry because of this range is more mobile so, don’t entrench too much.  Your tanks are much better so use them to kill artillery and tanks, their longer range is a real advantage here. Wrecking the Soviet rear goes a long way to victory. Post an SPA or two on hills overlooking the Russian approach route and start banging away at anything that moves and be willing to move your SPA’s when needed.

Finally, Panzer Thrust is about war at the broken end of the bottle: thrown together forces unsupported from the rear in desperate fighting. Imagination and a good understanding of combined arms in defense will win you more battles.-Enjoy!

Raven Games
Raven Games