DIY Bases Step by Step

If you paint miniatures than you know the heart ache of then having to buy, borrow, steal bases so those lovely paint jobs you spent so much time on aren’t ruined by frequent handling. This is a problem I have faced too many times to remember so here is my simple solution….MAKE YOUR OWN!  Its easy, cheap and fun.

Today Step One: What you need


  1. Box Cutter or cheap hobby knife with breakable blades
  2. Exacto Knife NOTE: Have fresh blade replacements
  3. Dish washing gloves: Make sure they fit, and you can grip small items easily with them on.
  4. Sponge Any cheap dollar (Pound, Mark, Yen etc. etc) sponge will do
  5. Acrylic Paint in a dark or earth tone green.  I like Anita’s Leaf Green it’s cheap about $3.00 USD in the 236ml (8 oz) bottles
  6. Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement or any acrylic medium that can be sprayed. Note: a spray bottle is a must though not shown.  I use the Woodland Scenic bottle which is designed for the cement.
  7. Woodland Scenics Turf Blend: Earth Blend T1350
  8. Foam Core board:  I recommend you go big ticket and buy the stuff at an art supply store not at the dollar store. The paper backing will peel off over time from the cheap foam core.  Still its a deal the sheets are large and make plenty of bases.
  9. Print off the bases from you computer. NOTE I have a PDF download of bases available right here on the site. Just download and away you go.

Plan ahead what bases you are making as you can see below size is no impediment!


Stay tuned for Step Two!

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