Is it True?–A new Combat Command?

I mentioned a few months back that Combat Command might make a comeback with a new look in maps and counters. Is this true? Will Combat Command make a re-appearance? Yes! New 8 1/2 X 14 (Imperial measure) maps and new counters with great new artwork as well as some rules fixes.  Combat Command will be out in about three months or less. The first release will go where Combat Command never went before: Africa 1942! Patton and Rommel need I say more?


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NEW RELEASE!! : UDF EPISODE 2 Soulless Battles

UDF Cover for WordPress

Well, here it is January 2017 and a new release! UDF Episode 2 is ready to be rolled out!

What is UDF?: UDF is a fast playing 2 player game of Sci-Fi ground combat.  The unique combat system uses both letters and color to create an easy to use combat table. There are 15 unit types,  UDF Marine and Pirate, including Assault Troopers, Missile Tanks, Mines, and much more. Over 100 counters included.

The huge 24″ X 24″ full color map displays Pressure Dome City 12 and its environs. Battle as the Marines to take the nastiest city in space, or fight to defend your home and base of operations as Pirates.–Enjoy!

When will this be released? January 14 2017!

How much does it cost? Free

How do I get it? Just send me an email at requesting UDF and you’ll receive your FREE copy.

Stay tuned for MORE!

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