Free Game Anyone?


July 1st the balloon goes up!

Its World War III and NATO forces have to stand fast as the awesome Soviet tank armies roll forward into West Germany.  As Commander of a NATO Tank Company YOU command M60A1, or the new and untested M1 with armored infantry, artillery, and the killing power of the USAF. YOU must rely on the sophistication of your electronics to strike at the Soviet armored spearheads causing one delay after another. But, the Soviets take one beating after another at your hands and still keep coming!  As the Soviet Commander YOU command hordes of T-72 and the sophisticated T-64.  Artillery in      numbers only seen during World War II support your drives, as overhead the Red Air Force battles for control of the sky.  Never the less, the allied edge in technology and training is beginning to cost more than you ever expected.

Raven’s Games is proud to announce our first release. NATO! Is a board wargame that includes 168 Counters representing US and Soviet forces. 9(8 1/2 X 11) full color geomorphic maps representing West Germany. Rules include artillery, air power, mechanized infantry, anti-tank weapons, combat engineers, and more.  Players need to supply four, six, and eight sided dice for each player.

To request your free copy of NATO! please email Raven’s Games and within 24 hours your PDF copy of NATO! will be sent via email to you.





Whats Going On?!

July is a great month for taking the convention circuit! Below is a list of upcoming events this month. So grab your dice, minis and courage and head out! Thanks to Casual Gaming Revolution for the info.

July 01 to 03:        InConJunction                                  Indianapolis                 IN                          Science fiction and fantasy convention with gaming


July 01 to 04:        Anime Expo                                  Los Angeles/CA                   Anime con with Gaming


July 06 to 10:        Dice Tower Con V     Orlando/FL                               Board games, Dice Tower Network, family-friendly gaming


July 07 to 10: ConnectiCon2016 Hartford/CT Multi-genre pop culture with gaming events


July 09 to 12: Play On Con Birmingham/AL Gaming convention, including video and tabletop gaming


July 14 to 17: Historicon Fredericksburg VA Miniatures game convention


July 20 to 24: Comic-Con International San Diego/CA


July 16 to 17: Berlin Brettspiel Con Berlin Germany


July 15 to 17: QuinCon XXX Quincy IL Board games, Wargames, and RPGs


July 15 to 17: Protospiel Chelsea MI Design and playtesting convention


July 15 to 17: Con-Gregate High Point NC Science fiction and fantasy convention with gaming


July 15 to 17: Tolkien Moot XII Spokane WA RPGs, LARP, board games, video games, musicians, artists, & more.


July 15 to 17: Tokyo in Tulsa Tulsa OK Anime convention with tabletop board games, RPGs and tournaments.


July 22 to 24: KantCon Overland Park KS Board games, RPGs, miniature gaming events


July 22 to 24: Open Gaming Convention Nashua NH RPGs, Miniaitures, and Board Games


July 23 to 31: World Boardgaming Championship Seven Springs Mountain Resort PA convention with 100+ game tournaments for voted titles


July 23 to 24: MegaMooseCon Richburg SC Board games, Wargames, and RPGs


July 29 to 31: Boarder City Game Convention El Paso TX Table top convention


July 29 to 31: CamasCon Cashmere WA


July 30: Wyvacon Wytheville VA Cosplay, gaming, science, artists and authors




Welcome The Wargames Website


Raven’s Games is proud to announce that The Wargames Website is a proud member of the links page.  I have enjoyed a great relationship with the The Wargames Website and look forward to continuing for many years to come.  Thanks Mike!

I encourage you to visit: The Wargames Website

One of the best gaming resources around for gaming events, supplies, ideas, clubs, and of course games!