UDF in Space!

Blockade Cover

The Chosen had a vision of a perfect universe, peaceful, beautiful and above all theirs! Their savage attacks on United System’s outlaying colonies caught the Navy and Marines completely off guard. Little was know about the enemy even less about their motivations and plans. Purely by luck (or the will of the spirits) the freighter Worden discovered the Chosen main base. Now it was up to the Marines……




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Step 1: DIY Bases


Print off the bases you will be making and glue the page of bases to your foam core using white glue as pictured. NOTE!: It is a good idea to trim the excess paper BEFORE gluing the bases page to the foam core.

Cut out the bases using either a box cutter or xacto knife. It is important to cut precisely! Take your time and make sure of each cut before committing.


Sometimes the foam core will bind the knife, when this happens remove the knife blade and replace with a fresh blade.

You may have to score the back side of the foam core to make a clean cut. Gently bend the foam core and score along the fold you’ve made with the bend.




DIY Bases Step by Step

If you paint miniatures than you know the heart ache of then having to buy, borrow, steal bases so those lovely paint jobs you spent so much time on aren’t ruined by frequent handling. This is a problem I have faced too many times to remember so here is my simple solution….MAKE YOUR OWN!  Its easy, cheap and fun.

Today Step One: What you need


  1. Box Cutter or cheap hobby knife with breakable blades
  2. Exacto Knife NOTE: Have fresh blade replacements
  3. Dish washing gloves: Make sure they fit, and you can grip small items easily with them on.
  4. Sponge Any cheap dollar (Pound, Mark, Yen etc. etc) sponge will do
  5. Acrylic Paint in a dark or earth tone green.  I like Anita’s Leaf Green it’s cheap about $3.00 USD in the 236ml (8 oz) bottles
  6. Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement or any acrylic medium that can be sprayed. Note: a spray bottle is a must though not shown.  I use the Woodland Scenic bottle which is designed for the cement.
  7. Woodland Scenics Turf Blend: Earth Blend T1350
  8. Foam Core board:  I recommend you go big ticket and buy the stuff at an art supply store not at the dollar store. The paper backing will peel off over time from the cheap foam core.  Still its a deal the sheets are large and make plenty of bases.
  9. Print off the bases from you computer. NOTE I have a PDF download of bases available right here on the site. Just download and away you go.

Plan ahead what bases you are making as you can see below size is no impediment!


Stay tuned for Step Two!

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Combat Command Simple or Subtle?

Unit BreakdownThere has been some debate here at the newspaper about just what category Combat Command will fall into: Simple Rules, Hard Rules. Why World War 2 and where in World War 2? Playing time and equipment needed to play.

There is a lot going on here: Armor, Infantry, Artillery, Airpower, SPA, etc. and etc. At the same time I’m trying to capture the personality of the armies involved. Not to mention the job for which each weapon type was meant. Not an easy task.

Lets take these question one at a time and clear up some underbrush.

Simple rules are my goal: about three pages no more. Combat Command is meant to be played in an hour or less and the commands are ad-hoc battle groups thrown together to fulfill a specific mission. This ‘style’ or situation of fighting was prevalent throughout WW2.  While TO&E tables make a nice guideline they were never followed. Further only a few hours under fire altered a command (almost always for the worse in terms of men and equipment) permanently.

Fast: Real war is a process of excessive boredom punctuated by moments of extreme terror. During these times of terror, decisions are made for good or ill.  Combat Command by being a fast playing game; about 15 to 45 minutes per game; tries to approach the pressure put on commanders to make a quick decision and get it right, or pay a terrible price for getting it wrong: a bunch of dead people.

A wealth of equipment types: No one ever has everything they need and improvised tactics and decisions were the order of the day.  Combat Command allows players to ‘build’ their force before play, neither player knowing what the other will bring to the table. In this simple way the ‘fog of war’ is simulated.

Why World War 2? Well, why not? Okay, okay not much of an answer. So, here we go: I like World War 2 history and I’m pretty good at it. No war saw so many varied battlefields and so many varied combatants. It was the first war fought in three dimensions across the entire globe. And no war ever saw such a wealth of equipment, development of new equipment, or scale of production of that equipment.

Why a platoon/company scale? This is where the fighting took place. German tactical doctrine held that large scale victories were won by an accumulation of tactical victories. The decisions and lack of intelligence to make those decisions with at the platoon and company level is fascinating and makes for great gaming.

Equipment?: One six sided die per player and a coffee mug.  With these I hope to create great gaming.

Maps:  Each Combat Command will come with more than one map. This allows players to vary their experience, and provide hours and hours of great gaming. Each full color map is 8 1/2 by 14 for easy and cheap printing.

Where?: Either Combat Command Africa which is set in Tunisia during the Torch landings and allied operations or Combat Command Russia during the 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union will be offered first.

I hope this article gives you insight and desire for Combat Command. Don’t forget to send me your thoughts, I love hearing from you and will post your thoughts and comments here in the newspaper.

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Is it True?–A new Combat Command?

I mentioned a few months back that Combat Command might make a comeback with a new look in maps and counters. Is this true? Will Combat Command make a re-appearance? Yes! New 8 1/2 X 14 (Imperial measure) maps and new counters with great new artwork as well as some rules fixes.  Combat Command will be out in about three months or less. The first release will go where Combat Command never went before: Africa 1942! Patton and Rommel need I say more?


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NEW RELEASE!! : UDF EPISODE 2 Soulless Battles

UDF Cover for WordPress

Well, here it is January 2017 and a new release! UDF Episode 2 is ready to be rolled out!

What is UDF?: UDF is a fast playing 2 player game of Sci-Fi ground combat.  The unique combat system uses both letters and color to create an easy to use combat table. There are 15 unit types,  UDF Marine and Pirate, including Assault Troopers, Missile Tanks, Mines, and much more. Over 100 counters included.

The huge 24″ X 24″ full color map displays Pressure Dome City 12 and its environs. Battle as the Marines to take the nastiest city in space, or fight to defend your home and base of operations as Pirates.–Enjoy!

When will this be released? January 14 2017!

How much does it cost? Free

How do I get it? Just send me an email at www.ravnsgames.com requesting UDF and you’ll receive your FREE copy.

Stay tuned for MORE!

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After Disaster Serendipity?

Unfortunately l live in the northern hemisphere thus winter is approaching and my riding time will be going down….But on a happy note I’ll have more time to paint!

Now faithful readers of this newspaper know that Mayhem! started out as a disaster and after two hours in front of my sandbox I came up with a new combat system and movement.  This has proven to be a good game and I can only scratch my head in wonder.  I am currently working on larger armies to play bigger versions Mayhem! I will be posting some photos of Mayhem! games here at the Newspaper in a few weeks, give me time to paint up the armies.

Look out! It’s October and a new offering is in the wind…I new free game will be offered by October 31

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It just goes to show ya!

As many of you know I have been working this last month on a new fantasy battles system. Incidentally it now has a name: Mayhem! I was so taken with my new system I waited in a breathless anticipation to begin the first, and last, game of a system I had worked on steadily.

In that well worn phrase ‘it sucked’ and after fifteen minutes my hopes were dashed to the ground like so much garbage.  Undaunted, well to tell the truth a little daunted, I began anew. It would be a month again before the basics had been worked out, but time well spent. I played at the table, rolling dice talking to myself and racing upstairs to rewrite here, delete there etc. and etc.

Suddenly a simple idea hit me and I was off to the races. That night, the night of failure, I wrote like a man possesed and raced down to the sand table to begin again the next morning….it worked

If there is a lesson in all this I can’t see it, or won’t see it perhaps. It just goes to show you, you never know where good ideas will come from. Failure can make success as easily as success can breed failure.




Raven’s New Game

I had the gang around for a gaming day here at the perch and found to my chagrin I didn’t much like the game we were playing.  The fact I wrote it makes this even worse! So I’ve started a new Fantasy Battles game that uses Heroic and 25mm scale minis.

I want to know ‘What do you look for in a fantasy miniatures game?’



Mythical Dungeons

Mythical Dungeons

Mythical Dungeons has arrived at Ravens Games! (http://www.mythicaldungeons.com/) With a HUGE selection of fantasy and science fiction buildings, hallways, and room features to create the perfect 3D model of your world. You’ll find complete catalogs of all their items at their website in PDF format.

These beautiful models will enhance any game!


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